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Frequently asked questions

The purpose of this FAQ is generally to provide information on frequent questions or concerns about In case you can't find the answer for your question, feel free to ask trough email our contact page.

How to get free followers on TIkTok? allow's you to get free TikTok followers by working for you. We engage with other TikTok users on your behalf to help direct traffic back to your account. If you want real TikTok followers, likes, and views, we can make it happen. Start growing your following so you can look better to your audience, and start creating a buzz for your brand.
How long does it take to deliver? prioritizes quick and prompt delivery and safe methods that do not jeopardize your TikTok account. We strive to get you results within the shortest possible time; other factors such as the quality of your content may affect results. You should see results within two to three days after making a request for followers, likes, or video views.
Will more followers improve my engagement?
Yes! When you have many legitimate and active followers on your profile, you will appear as a trusted user, and people notice that. For this reason, a user who has many followers that are real will attract the attention and possibly grow their followers organically.
Can my TikTok account get banned?
No, it won't. Unlike some other services, uses only the most reliable and safest methods to deliver likes, followers, and views to your TikTok account. We do not break TikTok's terms of service, and therefore your account will always be safe from being banned. We understand TikTok's algorithm, and we promise to increase your follower count without risking your TikTok account.
Does it cost anything?
No, it's completely free, and we will never ask you for money. allows everyone and anyone with a TikTok account to get up to 500 followers per day.
How can I send feedback?
If you have a question or feedback about our free service you can write to us at: info(at)